T&J Industries

T & J Industries specializes in Aluminum Anodizing Racking
Components. Since 1996, we have supplied the anodizing industry with Quality Aluminum products. We take great pride in our quality product and timely delivery. In most cases, orders are
shipped the same day they are received.

T & J offers a full line of Aluminum Racking Components. Our
standard components, (consisting of Disk components, numerous
panel racks, a full range of clips and mounting hardware), can, in
many cases, be customized for specific needs.

Additionally, we welcome any and all requests for racks that are not shown on our catalog or on these pages. Our Computer Design Team enables us to manufacture virtually any component.

Along with our aluminum racks, we offer the complete line of
Duraclamps. We also have Pin Racks, both coated and uncoated,
available. If you require a component not shown in our catalog or
on these pages, please contact us. In nearly all cases, we are able to supply the necessary items.

T&J Industries

FABRICATION With our CNC machines and design team, our fabrication options are virtually unlimited.  We can reproduce your racking needs from a sample part.
CUSTOM DESIGN If you would like to design a custom, proprietary rack, send us your drawing and specs. We will fabricate your racks at a competitive price with the quality you demand.

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